Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Good Deal

Okay, so I know this is a crazy thing to post, but check out these raging deals! I finally found a children's consignment shop here in Franklin. It's called "The Polished Penny" and opened only a week ago. Abby Sue and I ventured out last weekend to see what kind of treasures we could find. I even mentioned to her before we left that I was always in search of a play kitchen for Zibby (we gave ours aways long before she was born), and hopefully some jackets for both Ben & Zibby...because the cold weather is just around the corner. Anyway...look what we found! I was so blessed:)

Kitchen: $30.00
Ben's Colombia jacket w/liner: $16.00
Elizabeth's Land's End jacket: $14.00



  1. kids warm in the winter and a place for make belive cookies..... priceless! :) good finds friend!

  2. That's the EXACT kitchen we used to have!!! I got rid of it when my dad was sick, and am sooo regretting it. Brody and I love to play "kitchen" daily, but it requires a lot of set-up, since everything's crammed in a box.

  3. Leah...I know exactly what you mean. We had been playing kitchen out of a basket for years...I was so excited to find this's like new! Wish that Brody could come over and play with us!