Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Simple Joys

I know it's a kind of funny, but sometimes I feel the most loved by God through the littlest joys He brings into my life....

Like when I drive home down scenic South Street.., which is everything a rural road should be...bumpy, tree lined, tired old barns, beef cattle, and the occasional "yield to horses" signs. In fact we even live more in "the country" now than before. God knew that I would love that.

I feel His love when I take a Sunday walk to "The Big Apple" to pick up some peaches, berries, or apples (of course!). It's just a few winding miles from our house. The walk is perfect...little colonial houses, pasture land, apple trees, and just beyond the farm an old cemetery...full of names like "Jemimah & Hezekiah ". God knew I would love that too.

God also knew that I would love the YMCA. Among many other things, it offers me the chance to be "kid less", just for an hour or so...while the kids have a blast in their "clubs". God knew that this would help me to be a better mommy.

And this might me the most "simple joy" of all, but I love that we have a milk man (with a classic New England accent), who delivers fresh local eggs & milk (in glass bottles) to our home every Monday morning! It's funny, but I feel loved and not forgotten by God in little details like that.


  1. I wish I was delivered to your house every monday morning!!!

  2. It almost sounds like a dream...glad the Lord has blessed you with some place like this when you are so far from us. Miss you so much!!

  3. How wonderful He is, that he pays attention to the little things :)