Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One of a kind.

This afternoon Abby Sue was sharing with me some of her difficulties with friends at school.

"They whisper about me, they think I'm weird, they make fun of me. They say that I'm annoying."

I was feeling overcome right along with her. At a loss for words I stood quietly trying to think of something to say that would console her little heart.

Ben was listening intently to his sister, with his arms wrapped around me, then turned to Abby and says...

"You are one of a kind."

She grins...then smiles. Looking down at her eclectic skirt...she twirls with confidence.

He is exactly right.


  1. Audrey says...Abby you are so nice and I love to play with you! Barrett says.....Abby when they called you weird, it just proves you are part of this wild and crazy family that we all are in!! At times when people say I am weird, I turn back, smile and say "and thats the way I should be!!!!!!" Auntie Dory says....you are my perfect kind! we love you so much and are so inspired by your uniqeness (is that a word?)love all of us!

  2. y'all are the bestest! we love you too!

  3. Beautiful picture of your kids....I LOVE Abby Sue.