Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ben is 7 & Artwork for the Huesbsch Family

Ben asked for " Top Ramen with a side salad and some ranch" for his birthday dinner.
I was so blessed when Melanie asked me to make one of my nest pictures for her family!
Mario Kart Toadstool Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes for the birthday boy.
I had to recruit mom's help for this was gettin' rowdy up in here!


  1. Because you discovered my blog, I discovered yours!! I can't believe I have been missing out all this time. I am so glad that I get to follow your adventures!! I will be checking in daily (no pressure or anything).


  2. oooohhhhh I want one of those BEAUTIFUL handmade picture, if you made a friend one, would you make a sister one? Does it come with a Jenn Poem? I sure hope so! I almost bought Ben that mushroom, I did not know he had it already. Did you get them at Target? I was going to tell you that Target sells all the nitendo stuffed animals.

  3. oh my goodness...I think I noticed that Zibby is wearing her snowwhite outfit. What a true princess!

  4. Yes Dory...she is Snow White. IF you ask her if she's a princess she says, "Yes...I Snow White!" She runs around her in that dress, 2 times too big for her, hanging off her shoulders, trudging through the mud, but like any true princess she holds it up when climbing stairs!! Hilarious. My daughters are like the 2 sides of rough, tumble, adventurous...the other, domestic, musical, and in need of a big poofy princess dress now and then :) :)

    p.s. Can't wait to make a nest picture for you!!! I'm so blessed that you like them....they really don't come anywhere close to some of the things you put together...but I would be honored to make you one! :) Love you.