Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You can take it with you

I have two brothers.

We have been through a lot together.

We are close.

They are incredible men and I love them.

I can't imagine life without them.

Today..., Garth, came by for a visit. He made something for me...

"To take it with you" he said.

Yes...he painted this rendition of our little home here on Pine Street. He made the frame from some old boards in Papo's garage, and put it all together for me.

He understands.

He always has.


  1. Lovely! Kookie Cottage will always be with you in heart and eye!
    when do you go? have you found a place yet?

  2. It is really special..I just love it! We haven't found a place yet...Aaron will be looking at a couple more homes this week...so we are kind of just waiting until our we find a place there or our house sells here. Until then we are just waiting and praying:)

  3. What a treasure... the painting AND the brother. Made tears come to my eyes!

  4. Wow! How truly special! I am so glad that can have something like that to take with you!

  5. you changed the post about the qualities of your awesome brothers. One that I was going to add about Garth is he is the stud who loves to go shirtless! I also liked that he is your irish twin. I am blown away at his ability to paint, that is an amazing picture, and what a treasured gift to take with you. I would imagine that receiving that gift made the reality of leaving your family a little harder, making you remember how awesome family is. He is so sweet! I love you, and I love your older brother alot!

  6. Dory..yes I changed it:) If I write a post late at night sometimes it gets a little mushy. I didn't want them to give me a hard time a about it later...you know how much they love to torment me :) :) They are the bestest in this world though...and Lorn knows he's "my hero". xoxoxox