Monday, January 6, 2014

when God makes you take a seat...

Aaron woke up in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve to let the dog out and ended breaking loose a piece of cartilage in his knee (football is not good for you) which resulted in a New Years Eve surgery and change of holiday plans.

We left Abigail in charge early New Years Eve morning and headed to the surgery center...and returned only a few hours later (the big husband leaning upon the little wife) to all three kids waiting in their jammies and messy hair for Daddy. 

Daddy sat, leg elevated on the couch, while the kids played games and took care of their hero for the rest of the day. Zibby insisted on making Daddy his favorite New Years Eve layer bean dip. 

The remaining days of Christmas break were spent quiet, slow, and peaceful...together. We walked together, talked together, prayed together, played together, read together, and watched our favorite movies together as a family. 

This was the way we said goodbye to a very full 2013 and welcomed the unknown of 2014. 

Refreshed and Ready. 

Only Jesus knows what the days hold ahead. 

There are plenty of things to hold us back....

or weigh us down when we worry about the future,

but we are learning to trust Him with all of that and just do our best for Him,

with what He has given us,


                                                                 Home Sweet Home

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