Friday, December 20, 2013

say the words

"We need to make sure that we watch "It's a Wonderful Life" with the kids this weekend."

"Your food is my favorite."

"I was watching you the other night and thought to myself, 'She is beautiful.'"

"Just come over here...we need to love each other."

"Are you taking your medicine?"

"Here's your coffee."

"We need to pray."

A good friend of mine pointed out something to me one day...,

"Aaron loves you."

I mean I  know that he loves me,

but that others notice his love for me made me realize how he loves me.

So many times we are told to write down what our kids say,

and we should,

but I'm taking today to write down a few things that my husband has said to me within this past week.

Writing may be my love language,

but words spoken is his.

Well, that and... 

always making the best fires on cold days.