Monday, December 16, 2013


Frome braces, to ears pierced, strep throat, winter colds, carpools, christmas tree hunting, train rides, and going for our "family drives"...we are treasuring this time together. We hug, and laugh, and maybe spend some days guilt-free in our p.j.'s...just being together. 

Because together is a gift. 

This year has had its hard times.

And there will be more to come.

Only a few days ago Aaron's mom called. 

"Dad has cancer. "

And this world that seem to stand still the day my grandma past away, 

stopped for a moment again.

"Will you trust Me with this too?"

We wrestle through the night with the "why's?"

And rise up with the sun to say, 

"We will trust in You Jesus."

Because eternal togetherness is just a breath away.


  1. will we keeping aaron's dad in our prayers as we pray for my own dad too. call me anytime please! love you all.