Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ben the Man

Ben: "Can I come with you to worship practice tonight Mom?"

Me: "Okay, but it might be kinda boring. Are you sure you don't want to stay home with your sisters?"

Ben: "No, I like our time together...if you don't mind."

Me: "Of course I don't mind!"

He flies upstairs and fills the red blanket with his favorite "odds & ends"....books, his new Air Hog (remote control helicopters are awesome to fly around in the church basement), some Legos, homework, and his sketching journal.

Worship practice lasts for 2 hours and Ben had all that time to himself...to just be Ben. 

Sandwiched in-between two adorable but demanding sisters can take it's toll on any boy.

Ben is patient.

He will wear the size 5 unicorn costume for his little sister and trot around the house while the "princess" hollers her commands.

Ben is creative.

He will take the time to make a message for his mom out of pretzels just to make her smile.

Ben is an actor.

He surprised his parents once again this year at the school Christmas play evidently landing the lead role and afterward asking us when he can "get on stage again?"

Ben is a thinker.

"Listen to this music. What do you see when you hear that sound? Do you hear danger? Water? What does it make you feel like? I love how music completes an adventure." Ben, after sharing with Mom his latest favorite soundtrack.

Among so many other things, Ben is almost 11. 

In just a few weeks we celebrate our son growing closer to becoming a young man. 

We are excited to see what the Lord has planned for him.

Ben was born old though. 

It seems like he has always had a sense of things beyond his years. 

But, even with his gift of wisdom he is still for now...

our little boy. 

 sketching before bed
 wise old man
 a recent trip to a new & used lego store was the highlight of Ben's holiday
 "Mom is Cool" pretzel message
 Cousins share the stage...acting must be in the genes.

 in-between the "imp & the chimp" as we lovingly call these precious sisters
Ben the unicorn....ummm, ouch!?


  1. What a treasure. I wish he and Ethan could get to know each other:)

  2. I am dying laughing over here. that picture of him and imp and chimp, and the unicorn. what a sport!

  3. That picture of him between the girls is hilarious!!! He IS one amazing boy and gramma loves her Ben!!