Friday, June 29, 2012

When the whole world is watching and you want them to go away....pick your nose.
                    Oh look marvelous! Feline fashions by AbbySue.

It took me a while to figure out who or what made these unusual markings on the window seat. Hint...think teeth with a space in-between. (thankfully the littlest kookie did not end up with lead poisoning.)
          Translation: "Sorry!! Theatrical work in progress!! Go!"
We have yet been able to open the top drawer of Ben's desk. It was "somehow" super glued shut.
      It's kinda like tip toeing through a mine field.

     Another trip with Daddy to Seattle...and a view from the Space Needle.
AbbySue & Abbi taking a lunch break during our church soccer outreach...servant hearted friends.
     This big guy came in 30th out of over 150 lean mean contestants....always the competitor.

I'm trying to except the fact that we are a crazy family that goes places. It's not what I always want or even love but it's God's road for us. The truth is, the kids are as at home in hotels as much they are in the Old House. I've wrestled over this being a healthy way to grow needing stability and all that stuff, but I guess what's important is knowing that they are loved everywhere and anywhere we rest our heads....nothing will change that. Still it's hard. It's hard on relationships. I struggle maintaining friendships. I love my friends and wish that my life was simple and easy and open and free. But, by the time we get home, the kids just want to be home, settle down..relax. And so for them I risk misunderstanding. If I can't be here for them how can I be there for anyone else? I'll trust God for the seasons. I'm looking forward to the one that involves coffee chats with beloved friends.

So...Goodbye Guilt.


  1. One of my beloved friends just called. She is very dear and faithful, always encouraging and ready to make me laugh. She was afraid that she had made me feel guilty when I haven't been able to get together. No Way. Friends don't make me feel guilty...I told her...I make me feel guilty. There is not a day that goes by when i'm not thinking of and praying for my friends far and near. I always wish for more time with them and feel bad for my crazy busy life. I'm thankful they don't give up on me. And I'm grateful when they call.

  2. Jen, email me your phone number. ..It is time we get our plans on paper! LOVE every picture and love you!

  3. Thank you JuRita! We can't wait to get together! Love you too:)