Friday, June 22, 2012

Hard Reads

Two books that I recently read have left me thinking and wondering about life and the beauty and bitterness that it holds, our world so full with hurt and healing. These books were written from perspectives far from my own, something I needed in this perfectly cloistered world I move about in. These books were very hard to read. Very hard. They are not happy or uplifting and yet I find myself strengthened in my understanding for reading them. It takes guts to look at truth. Truth isn't easy to stomach...children suffering isn't easy to digest. But it's truth none the less. And in my own little way, I find healing and can relate.

This Life in Your Hands: Melissa Coleman

The Kite Runner: Kahled Hosseini

side note: both authors write about searching for goodness and meaning in the face of tragedy. The subjects are plagued with guilt and remorse. They long for a way "to be good again". I thought about that this morning while my feet carried me up and over these Silverton hills, running...mulling over gaining goodness back by being good again. Self redemption. And I thought about how even if I could find a way to be good again I would live in the fear of my goodness never really being enough. I would never really know if I was redeemed...forgiven. The only way to being good again is though the cross of the only One who was ever fully good. True relief...true redemption. 

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