Tuesday, June 12, 2012

not possible

Tomorrow night my oldest daughter heads off to youth group.


She is all butterflies about it too...as if her entire life has been leading up to this point.

She asks us to go to second service every Sunday,

"So I can sit with my friends Mom."


Sixth grade....she's hovering between scrapped knees & lip gloss.

She can wear my shoes for goodness sake!

What a comfort to hear her say today,

"To me, 11 & 12 are the best ages...you can be a kid but do big things."

Be a kid that does big things?

Sounds good to me.

"I have to practice violin in that beautiful sunlight...it just can't go to waste!" ~AbbySue almost 11


  1. I so love this free spirited girl. she always makes me smile

  2. Maybe Abby Sue can be to Ellie what you were to Megan?! That would be awesome! She is such an amazing girl!!

  3. Hollie, What a blessing that would be! Something wonderful to look forward to. xo