Friday, July 13, 2012

When your son is a quiet, deep thinker...

he needs:

Hard work
Mom is great...
but more of Dad.

So, Ben, in your quiet way you showed us that we needed to step it up and see the older boy that you've become. Because you've always been easy going and took us a little while to notice. Sorry about that. The growing pains of parenthood must be a trial to you at times, but we sure love you and can't wait to see the plan that God unfolds for your amazing life. Thank you for being one amazing boy...a son that brings honor to this humble family.

AbbySue has moved to youth group and you were sad to be left behind. So Wednesday nights are Guys Night Out. Last Wednesday was shooting with Dad up at Crooked Finger. You are a good shot...of course.

Lots of boys say that they want to be a lego designer when they grow up but I think that you are the kind of kid that just might do it. You talk about moving to Denmark and learning the the language. You just made a model of your chicken, Heidi. I was honestly impressed. "The entire bird articulates mom."

Yesterday you and I built a fire pit. It wasn't easy but the result was something to be proud of. I love that we did it together. You said, "Mom, this if very geometric you know."

Smarty Pants.

We love you.


  1. I have thought of your sweet Ben since we talked last. I am so glad he got some time with Aaron. I know how much my little boys need that!

  2. Catching up on your blog! You guys have been busy. Can't believe AbbySue is in youth group--and so is Molly. Wah. And tomorrow Jake turns 6. How can my baby be 6? Anyhoo...loved reading all about what you guys are doing. So cool that you got to visit NY! :)