Tuesday, December 27, 2011

more on december...

Chinette, mis-matched placemats, and missing forks...this is how it looks when you host a holiday meal the week you move into your new home.
AbbySue & Zibby were more than excited to open this gift (Fairy Village) from Grampa & Nana...(mommy loves to play with it too.)
Signs of life in the mudroom.
Christmas service at Mission Mill.
Our Big Tree & Ben just before going way out on a limb...literally.
Three chilly Kookies after hunting for our Christmas tree with flashlights and a farm dog named Sadie.

I have to remember...

Zibby in her red pea coat and sparkly shoes ready to see The Nutcracker with family friends,

Three little Kookies on Christmas Eve gobbling up Nana's Hungarian Paprikash and nodding off at midnight mass,

A virtual home tour guided by Aaron for Lorn, Dory, Audrey, & Barrett via skype,

A car full of smiles and carols on our way to see the lights at the PIR (portland international raceway),

A new nickname for Ben....(Buckie!...thanks to Eddie-Wynn),

A new pet for AbbySue our future Vet. (Winter~the hamster),

and fresh eggs from two very friendly chickens known as Star & Penny.


  1. Such lovely memories! I love you and I am so glad you were able to make them<3 Merry Christmas!

    By the way... fairy village-where is it from?? We might need one here:)

  2. It was a wonderful Christmas Jenn. Thanks for everything, love you.

  3. thanks mom:) erika~the fairy village is from Hearth Song...it can be outdoor or indoor. It's made from resin so it can break and the doors to the houses don't open...but, it is still perfect and the girls love it. (Ben does too:)

  4. It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! Emma wanted Abby Sue to know our chickens names are Banana & Penny-she thought it was pretty funny they chose the same name!

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas in your new home. Mira is so jealous of the fairy village - she knew exactly what Abby Sue was talking about when she told her about it yesterday. Thanks for letting us "borrow" Abby Sue yesterday. We had a great time.

  6. Tirza, thanks so much for inviting abbysue...she had a blast! and tell mira that she is more than welcome to come over anytime to play with the fairy village...it's made for sharing!