Monday, December 12, 2011

Dan & Sally's Table

One thing that Aaron and I often missed in Massachusetts was Sally Hermans food. I mean, we missed her and Dan and their beautiful farm and precious family even more, but, Sally is one of those food artisans that puts her soul into everything she makes. She's kind of like the Martha Stewart of the hippie world...even that is an understatement. Because more importantly, Sally serves her guest with warmth and humility. She and Dan work as a team, a well oiled machine, planting, tending, growing, & harvesting beautiful food. That's the only way I can put it...the food they grow and cook into art for your mouth is beautiful. So, when we were invited to the Third Annual Christmas Date Night (we missed last year of course), we jumped at the chance to go. Walking into Dan & Sally's was like another homecoming for us. Old friends smiling, candles flickering, the wood stove humming away, and the tables set with Ma Sally's best of the best. I keep seeing Dan walking around to each of us with a ceramic pitcher full of ice water, always ready to fill our cups. Well, mine was overflowing. These kind of nights astonish me with grace.


  1. We miss you in MA. :) That food looks amazing, though. Thought of you Sunday during the kids Christmas program. It was rather hilarious.

  2. she is still at it! wow. i remember being amazed by her "earthy" hands at church. I think now I would have much more appreciation for her food. natural was too weird for me 12 years ago! looks like fun!