Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Flower Girl

My niece, Kaeleigh, was born 14 years ago on August 11th. (AbbySue was born exactly four years later.)

Kaeleigh was barely two years old when she toddled down the aisle at our wedding as a flower girl.

She was so roly-poly....and now she's not. But her eyes are the same....giant orbs of south pacific blue.

Last Saturday I anxiously drove over to her house, camera in hand. Kaeleigh was getting ready for the Snowball. Her first dance.

She looked lovely, of course. But, as I viewed her though the lens, arm-in-arm with Grant Eckelman, Alice in Wonderland came to mind.

It was like Kaeleigh grew though the roof right before my eyes. And to be honest, as happy as I was for her, I didn't like it.

She will always be my Flower Girl.

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