Monday, April 12, 2010

Piazza Navona & Gelato

After a (very) long day of traveling apart from one another, we mustered up enough energy to hop on a taxi, (an adventure in itself!), eat the most amazing pizza of our lives, and meander around the Piazza Navona, (an oblong square that was originally a racetrack built by the Roman emperor Domitian).

I also learned that the translation for Gelato is: "I could beat ice cream in an arm wrestling match any day of the week." (Daddy told me that if Abby Sue were with him they would've gone back for seconds).

We don't even remember falling asleep...full tummies and thankful hearts.

p.s. Benji: I thought you would like to see this fountain sculpture of a river god wrestling an octopus. It was hand carved in 1650 by a very famous artist, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, in what is called the Baroque style.

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  1. What a beautiful place to visit! I love your photos! Thanks for sharing. Hope you're having a wonderful time together!