Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The National Museum of Rome, Baths of Diocletian, & Villa Borghese

Aaron is working so hard. It's hard not to feel guilty sleeping in and exploring the city. It would be so much more fun with him, but thankfully he is finished teaching after tomorrow so we will finally have the chance to see the beautiful sights together. I haven't visited the Colosseum, Vatican City, or walked the Appian Way yet...these things I'm saving for our 3 free days together.

Today I was daring enough to figure out the subway (metro) system on my own. (It isn't anywhere near as confusing as NYC or Boston). It was another beautiful day...not too hot or cold. I really have not run into a lot of crowds or long lines at all, which has been a pleasant surprise, after hearing many stories of how chaotic it can get here.

The National Museum of Rome is incredible. Full to the brim of artifacts, sculptures, mosaics, jewelry, etc. I only wish that I had made the time to eat something...low blood sugar and a piercing headache followed me for the two hours that I was there. It was well worth it though. Some of my favorite things here were The Boxer sculpture, beautiful Roman mosaics, coins and jewelry.

Across from the museum is the impressive Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli. Built on and all around the Baths of Diocletian you can tour the church and ruins for free. This entire area was once the largest of baths in all of Rome. It was fun imagining what it must have looked like...tons of naked people walking around...weird.

The Villa Borghese are the gardens near the famous Borghese Gallery. I finally found out where all the kids are. This is a beautiful park full of cypress trees, trails, and a small children's museum (which had an exhibit of the artist who painted the pictures in one of the kids favorite books..The B.F.G.) It was so refreshing to walk around the gardens after being surrounded by city for the past few days.


  1. You are so brave going on the subway by yourself! I am glad you are having fun but know the next few days will be more enjoyable having someone special to share them with!

  2. Thank you for sharing with us! It feels like we are there with you! :0)