Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sweet Little Memories

Kaeleigh, my sweet neice, made an outfit for Abby Sue's doll, Kit. I love that these girls are so crafty and childlike.
Zibby and Ben were playing Knight andPrincess in backyard. After I pinned up the dress Zibby had on I realized that she had taken her diaper off. It was so funny watching her bounce around the yard or riding her tricycle catching little glimpses of bum cheeks. Down right adorable!
Abby Sue was at Mamo & Papo's all day yesterday learning how to cross-stitch. She is making a sampler of bugs. She even worked on it after she went to bed. She told me that she hopes to enter a sampler in the State Fair next year. The family tradition lives on!
Ben overheard that we may be going to the air show in Hillsboro this weekend with friends from church who know a Thunderbird pilot. He was so excited that he decided to build his own Thunderbird and dream of flying one someday too.
We are so blessed!

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  1. I love that she is cross-stitching! It is so nice to see little girls being little girls and not trying to be grown up.