Thursday, August 20, 2009

Keeping my mind on Christ

I'm so tired. There I finally admitted it. This week I've been living on a steady diet of m&m's and worry..two things that are not good for body or soul. I'm trying to commit everything to Christ but when Aaron mentioned again to me the other day of the very real possibility of moving to thousands of miles away it has been hard to quiet my heart and mind on the subject. Since this blog is not really read by anyone but myself and a few close friends, (who I'm thankful will pray for us), I feel like talking to someone without really talking to anyone about it. I haven' mentioned it to anybody except for my mom a few weeks ago and before I even finished explaining the situation she was crying her eyes out.
I love it here. Life couldn't be better really. I don't take it for granted that we are blessed...beyond measure. Everything here is perfect...our home, church, family, schools, town, etc. So why would we even consider moving? Simply because we want to be open to His plans and purposes for our life and for the lives of our kids. We don't want to set anchor anywhere but in Christ alone. We don't want our plans and dreams to get in the way of His. So, we are praying about moving to the east coast. Aaron's company loves him and has offered him an amazing teaching position there that would suit him in so many ways. Could this be a part of God's plan for us? Does He want to use us somewhere else for His glory and for His good? What about the kids? How would they do that far away? Could we use this time to teach them about the sovereign plans of God and having a willing heart to serve Him no matter the cost?
Everyone around here is grumpy today...especially me. I take to the heart the words I read long ago..."wherever you are, be all there." That's really hard to put into practice when you feel like life is on the brink of being uprooted. "Peace I give to you..." "Come and follow Me.." "Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.." "Plans for peace and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope." Amen.


  1. I will be praying for you, for peace and comfort and wisdom. Sometimes God stretches us and it hurts, but He knows what He is doing and has the best plan for us. Love you!!

  2. Erika, Thank you so much for taking the time to read this...I really feel better just knowing that you know about this and will pray for us. It was good to write it and get it off my chest and back onto His shoulders. Thanks for caring and for your wise words of advise...we will keep you posted.

  3. Jennipher... I'll be praying for you. That is so tough....

  4. oh friend, i am sad too, i will keep you in prayer,

  5. Thank you Tirza & Desra...your love & friendship mean so much to me, thank you for your prayers.