Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bee Stings and Funny Things

Life is just hilarious sometimes. I have always had a very easy time laughing...(and in the process either peeing my pants or breaking a tooth). I have found in life that I tend to laugh much more than cry. I don't really know if that is a positive thing or not. I look up to people who can cry with others. Those who walk through the trials of life and really suffer with their friends. It's not that I don't cry, it's just easier for me to laugh. I even laugh when I'm nervous or overwhelmed. My poor mom had the hardest time understanding this part of me. She has the gift of crying with others. So, you can imagine growing up, how many times I found myself in the hot seat because of my natural response to trouble. I would be smiling, nervously, and she on the other hand would be weeping. As of late I find myself laughing a lot. This is most likely because of the trials going on around us. I realize that my heart finds so much comfort in laughing just as others find the same comfort in crying. So...when we were camping this weekend and Aaron accidently drank a yellow jacket that stung him a few times on his lip (making him look like Bubba Gump), and Ben cut open his heel and fell into a blackberry bush, and Abby Sue got her hair caught in the tent zipper in the middle of the night screaming bloddy murder, and Zibby was up throughout the night coughing and crying, and Otis had diarrhea and proceeded to poop all over the campsite while kids are running through it, and Zibby overflowed her diaper all over her car seat on the way home, I could not help but laugh.
Life can be sobering and I like anyone else need a good cry now and then...but for now I still believe that laughter is the best medicine!

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  1. I think it is good you laugh more than cry:) I don't think most people laugh enough! Love the picture (heehee).