Friday, February 27, 2009

Artichokes, Ice Cream, & Movies

Aaron is still away, and this week feels like it's been going in slow motion....but it's Friday and I'm determined not to throw in the towel (just yet!).
 The kids came up with the best idea for dinner...artichokes!!!...which I grew up loving. So we headed off to the store picked out our prickly treasures, a couple quarts of ice cream, and the movie Kung Foo Panda.  Needless to say it was a blast! Artichokes are just the best food on earth...#1. They are beautiful #2. They taste incredible simply steamed and dipped in butter. #3. After all the tasty work of eating their leaves you are left with the most delicious treasure of all...the heart! 
I am known to be kind of extreme when it comes to what the kids can and cannot watch but I'd rather err on the side of them feeling deprived than defiled. As they get a bit older I have been challenged to find movies that I would consider "wholesome" or "age appropriate". I like to stick with the classics..."Swiss Family Robinsson, Pollyanna, " etc.  I get so annoyed with the newer movies underlining adult subjects, agenda and the like. I refuse to let the depraved culture we live in shape and form the ideals of my children, so consequently they see very little. (soapbox moment..ok I feel better now) I think that is part of the reason they were surprised to see that I had rented "Kung Foo Panda". Yes, we gave it a try and it was worth it. This movie is hilarious without being vulgar. I guess if you really pick it apart you could find faults as with most films, but honestly this movie is just downright funny! Okay, I must admit I'm a Jack Black fan. I can totally relate to his sense of humor; spastic, clumsy, and endearing. The kids are already watching the movie for the second time tonight, after waring themselves out practicing new kung foo moves for an hour at least! I might break down and get this one on dvd.
It's been a nice night except for the fact that Aaron isn't here to share it with us...hurry home my Beloved.

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  1. Oh, I LOVE artichokes! No one in my family likes them. Wish I could have spent the evening with you guys. I might just have to get myself one and eat it one night while they eat something else:)