Monday, February 23, 2009

Aaron's Birthday & Homemade Bread

We had a great weekend celebrating Aaron's birthday together as a family. The kids and I made him a puffed pan(birthday)cake for breakfast. They are super easy and taste more like a pastry/omelette than an actual pancake. I think we have new birthday tradition! After breakfast we met Aaron's parents for lunch. Going out to eat with kids is always an adventure and I've learned to take most things in stride. Zibby had the "poop face" during the course of lunch and kept wanting to hold my hand while she did her business. I have now mastered eating left handed!
After lunch we took the kids up to Portland for the day. We took them to a really cute cupcake shop called "St. Cupcake". They specialize in mini cupcakes. We bought a dozen and ate them in a about a dozen seconds! Then we took the kids to a very weird donut shop famous for their unique creations, like the bacon maple bar, which was Aaron's favorite. Honestly the place kinda grossed me wasn't very clean and I had to do my best not to imagine how many germs my kids were consuming with their sugar. It was a fun day!
It was a rainy day yesterday so I decided to make bread with the kids. I got the recipe from a friends blog and it is actually very simple. It makes 2 loves which I'm sure will last through this week. I have to be honest though...the pictures look so sweet but I was losing patience with Abby Sue & Ben almost the entire time. The great thing about making bread is that we could all take out our aggression while kneading the dough! The bread turned out good for our first try. It's very yummy toasted with honey. more thing I have to write down before I forget....Ben just found a quarter and said, "Hey Mom, did you know this is George on this coin? And George had a brother named Lawrence, and Lawrence got married to some girl?"
I really didn't know that George had a brother or what his name was. I guess you can learn a lot form a kindergardener!
Can't wait for Abby Sue to get home and tell me everything I don't know about our forefathers.

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