Tuesday, June 4, 2013

"Now we are six..." A.A. Milne

Elizabeth Jane, 

You came into our lives six years ago today....and your Daddy and I have never met a more determined heart.

Determined to Love. Determined to Serve. And, Determined to Endure.

Your quiet spirit cannot contain the way you feel about your family and about the beauty of God's creation.

You notice details. You hear details.

There is nothing more precious to you than the gift of time shared with those you love. You guard your heart and the depth of your thoughts.

Today was a day to celebrate the gift of you. You were so excited. Daddy bought you a tea cup covered in wild pink roses, because you love tea...you already make it by yourself. Mommy found you a pair of vintage white gloves and an old Nancy Drew Mystery. You smiled wide before pancakes stacked high, topped with a glowing candle. The Birthday Song makes you blush, so you made your own quiet wish.

Remaining true to your character, today ended up becoming more about showing us how much you love.

You gave away your birthday balloons, you carefully arranged a simple after school snack for your brother and sister. You wore your waitress dress.You served and served until the sun set...because that is your gift and that is your truest joy...to help....to serve. 

For you it's in the doing and not the saying that you speak love and thankfulness.

What a treasure you are.

I hear you,


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  1. What a sweet girl with a lovely, BIG heart<3