Sunday, May 19, 2013

I must blog.

I must blog about a bee hive and the garden that grows.

I must blog about running on broken toes.

I must blog about travels west, south, and east.

I must blog about children who grow in their sleep.

I must blog about living without a kitchen.

I must blog about construction...days without end.

I must blog about faith and fellowship sweet,

on Wednesdays when loving friends come to meet.

I must blog about time shared with a far away friend,

and her beautiful, happiest baby, dear Wren.

I must blog about stitches,

and the girl without tears.

I must blog about being a mom for 12 years.

I must blog about the man who lives here with me,

a loving and gentle giant is he.

I must blog about home and all of the noise,

a family of (soon to be) nine will enjoy.

I must blog about living one day at a time,

and letting God take care of the ahead and behind.

 Disneyland and our glowing eyes!
 North Shore, Hawaii with my love.
 Easter Sunday.
 Kitchen renovation.
 Spring game with Daddy.
 Erika and baby Wren came to visit, (my precious friend since junior high.)
 Our very own Hobbit.
 Farmer Aaron hard at work in the garden.
 Our bees! (the farmer already has suffered a sting.)
 At the coast with Papa & Gramma.
 A trip to St. Louis, helping family pack up and move back home!
 Excited about her first visit to Disneyland.
 This blessed my heart. Lilies of the Valley from the dearest friend.
 Our little woman.
 The Golden Chain tree in bloom.
All set for the Silverton Pet Parade!


  1. Jen, I absolutely understand how you feel about blogging and this is a wonderful way to get it down in one punch. Miss you all dearly and I am so happy smiles abound with the Koch family! Keep in touch.