Wednesday, June 26, 2013

renovate my heart

We have a new kitchen.

It was a gift from Nana, Grandpa, & Aaron's Uncle Terry...(who loved to cook.)

We are blessed beyond measure. It was finished today. Just in time for more mouths to feed...more hearts to fill.

And in all of this tearing out and making new I've changed too.

For three months I've welcomed strangers into my home.

Every morning.

Our home was invaded.

I thought I would be anxious.

I thought I would get stingy with my space.

But I didn't.

I even looked forward to seeing our contractors...making them coffee and learning about their lives.

Just because I'm quiet or private doesn't mean I don't love others.

I just fear others seeing how much I love them...and them finding it strange, or worse yet...not loving me in return.

But that doesn't  matter so much anymore.

Perfect love casts out fear. 

Let it be said, that there is no fear in this new kitchen...or in me.

He stripped me down to nothing and renovated my heart.

Jesus is still a Carpenter.


  1. God uses anything and everything to grow us. I love how much you love. You are such a great example. And those guys were so blessed by you-your listening and loving. I know seeds were planted. I adore your kitchen. I seriously think I have to come back soon now that you have all of these additions:)

  2. This kitchen looks wonderful!