Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Only these are the real kind...that get much bigger and (hopefully) give us lots of eggs.

Ben picked out a very tiny one (always for the underdog). The poor little thing almost didn't make it through the afternoon. We had to adjust the heat lamp a bit and we prayed together, but I tried to mentally prepare for the worst.

Zibby, watching the drama unfold, looks Ben in the eye, and says, "Your chick is dead Ben."

Ben bursts into tears. Zibby sits stoically.

Good thing Zibby was wrong.

That little chick came back to life like Lazarus.

Never doubt the underdog.

Another lesson learned...

Ben has always been about compassion,

and Zibby...she's steady in the storm.

("TNT" ~the name Ben gave his tiny chick..."the underdog" pictured above directly under the lamp)


  1. Oh kids have been wanting chicks and I can't seem to make them understand that you have to live in a bit more of a rural area than ours to do so. Sigh....

  2. yay! how fun. we had to cancel our order of chicks bc of our move back to Oregon, but one of these days the kids are looking forward to having their own. blessings!

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