Saturday, February 18, 2012


When you have a very creative friend and she invites you and your three munchkins over for a visit first you feel loved and then you feel inspired.

And when your creative friend laughs after finding your (precocious) four year old scrubbing the family cat with their toothbrushes and toothpaste, you feel..well, first you feel humiliated....then you feel like you found a kindred spirit.

Thank you Rachael~
for the ideas and even more so, for your sense of humor.

(above: another attempt at craftiness...a felt flower attached to a hairband for one naughty four year old)


  1. ok, that flower is so cute! gonna have to "pin" that idea.

    ...if you were 4 and in the bathroom with a two~year old near clone of yourself and a kitten what else is there to do but put toothpaste on its head? the thing that worries me a little is that they were only like twenty feet and a bathroom door away from us, yet we were so into our life/crafty talk we were clueless to their devious ways...if they get together at your house it could be hours before we discover them with all those secret hiding spots. We may need to have them micro-chipped or something. :)

    looking forward to many more fun times together...


  2. OH my goodness...I'm laughing so hard right now! You are so right and we are so in trouble!