Tuesday, September 13, 2011


There is a boy in our neighborhood who is 10 years old and has a form of Autism known as Aspergers. I love talking with Dylan. I enjoy his perspective on life. I'm in awe of how much he knows, especially about Mars.

I have a son who does not live with Aspergers but also loves Mars.

After school today, Ben was playing in our woods...close to the ground...inspecting microscopic things as usual...when he came running inside and bolted up the stairs.

Next thing I know, that blonde, string bean of a boy is flying down the stairs, book in hand, on his way outside...calling over his shoulder as he went,

"I have to show Dylan this book about Mars that I picked out from the library today, he will love it."

I could see the two of them from the laundry room window, sitting side by side on the favorite fallen tree...pouring over books together.

There are obvious things about Dylan that make him unique. Most of the kids in the neighborhood gladly include Dylan in their games, but I've never noticed any one of them spend time specifically with just him.

Ben did.

Not because he had to...but because he wanted to.

Dylan is in his own world...

and Ben was welcomed into the beauty of it today.

(photo above: Ben sampling the "Twin Suns" toast he made from his favorite Star Wars Cookbook)

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