Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Charlotte is not a name for a dog. Not really. But, that's the name she was given, the day a certain sister gathered a, black as ink, fur ball in her arms and fell in love. She held her like a baby and said, "You look like a Charlotte to me." We decided to bring the pup home. Another dog.

"We aren't getting another dog." These are the words I eat everyday I look at Charlotte.

We have had dogs in the past. And as much as I loved the dogs we've owned, I admit, they did not get the kind of love and attention they deserved.

So, eventually, we found them better homes.

I did not want another dog to endure us again.

"Maybe we just aren't a dog family." I thought.

But, deep down, I wanted to be.

So did that sister. She would pray every night for Jesus to bring us a good dog.

Six months past and she continued to pray, "Lord, help us find a dog."

We thought her hope would fade with time, it just grew stronger. She bought the "Dog Bible" and scoured it...learning breeds & temperments, until it was tattered and worn. She kept a journal with list upon list of prospective dogs. She would cry at night for Otis.

"Black Lab Pups For Sale" read the sign alongside a country road that cold December day almost one year ago.

"We are not getting a Lab." I said.

"We are not getting a Lab." Daddy said.

But you know that we did. And you know that we love her.

We don't deserve a dog like Charlotte, but God knew better.

And just like the famous spider who saved Wilbur's bacon....I'm beginning to see that this Charlotte has done the same, for a whole family who was in need of a little miracle.

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