Sunday, September 4, 2011

End of Summer Favorites

Last Weekend of Summer Vacation with the Carney's in Westport
Vintage curtain in natural light, Sara, & the sea
Hike up to the top of Blue Hill with the kids and poor Lottie...she was exhausted!
Hurricane Irene=5 days without power, an excuse to clean out the fridge, cook up 2 pounds of bacon, 24 hard boiled eggs, and play hide & seek all day with the kiddos.
Getting ready to ride the T into Boston with Grampa & Nana
Sandcastles at the Cape

I didn't think it would be warm enough to go in the water that day...hence the no bathing suit/underwear look. I wish I was four again.
Sand covered boy feet
Tea Party with Grampa
Grandparents love to buy these things for kids...(cotton candy maker, blizzard machine...
and a Rapunzel wig of course!)
Nap time with Grampa
Ice Cream Snack Shop at the Vermont Country Store
Nana and her babies!

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  1. Ok, I love your summer! I am a little bit envious... I wish my grandpa would buy me a cotton candy machine:)