Sunday, August 14, 2011

I'm worried that I'll worry...

Lately I've been worried about the kids...

Will they be okay through another change and transition?

Will this effect them in a negative way?

What about school? It looks like they will start the year here but then what?

Will I be peaceful for them, with so many un-answered questions hanging over my head like a cloud?

Zibby has especially been a handful these days...well, more like a time bomb.

Abby & Ben have had their own emotional moments too.

It's funny to me that Zibby has known all along that we would end up back home in Oregon. Ever since the day we moved here she asks on a continual basis, "When are we going back to home?" or "I'm ready to go on the plane tonight to Oregon." Her bags have been literally packed from day one...seriously.

So, now we are more unsettled than ever before. Our house just went on the market five days ago...we have had two showings already and an open house today. It's very stressful selling a home. You live in a constant state of cleanliness, which is almost impossible with a family of 5 and not to mention a number of pets.

We need the miraculous about now. We appreciate prayer more than words can express.

I read this quote the other day and loved it,

"As mothers our calling is to take care of what is possible and leave the impossible up to God." ~Ruth Bell Graham

deep cleansing breath here:)

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