Friday, August 12, 2011


Matching outfits from American Girl. (poor Lottie had to be "fixed"..hence the "cone of shame")
Breakfast time together.

The Miss PacMan Ice Cream Pie for the birthday girl
Glow stick tag in our woods
Adorable Cousins!
Awesome Cousins!
Sweet Cousins
Barrett & Ben (Ben would copy Barrett's pose each time we took a photo:)
The "Welcome" Sign that Abigail made.

Lorn, Dory, Barrett and Audrey drove all the way from Missouri to visit us last week.

Every day seemed jam packed with endless fact I found myself wishing there was just more time in the day. There were so many things I wanted to show them but couldn't.

Before I could even blink, it was time for them to make the long trek back.

I hate that our family is spread all over the country like this. It's not what God intended.

But we are making the most of the time we have together...and we always have so much fun!

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  1. Your so right that it somehow just doesn't seem to make sense for all of us to be so far heart is sad thinking of it....but we will be together for eternity and until then I will pray everyday that the Lord will bring us all together in this wonderful place that we call home...Oregon!! I love you all....Gramma