Wednesday, August 24, 2011

1000 Gifts

I run far away from bandwagons.

Always the skeptic.

I might not have read this book if it wasn't for a sister soul wrapping it up and sending it to me all the way from beloved Oregon.

Thank you...from a heart that is learning that way of living thankfulness in each moment.

I'm only on the fourth chapter of 1000 Gifts, but it has already stretched this soul.

The writer speaks truths that I have been wrestling with for almost all of this life.

And she shares what I have lived for in the moment and giving thanks for right now.

sidenote: now I really don't feel bad about the fact that I never know what I'm doing's still today! (what my kids hear from mommy often:)


1.) tangled curls, sticky with Cream of Wheat, tucked up between my chin and shoulder.

2.) Granddaughters sipping tea with Grandpa...pinkies out!

3.) the quiet sway of a hammock strung between two tall pines.


  1. I am so excited for you to read this book! i loved it, i am about to re read it! can't wait to share our journey!

  2. I loved it too. Have my own 1000 gifts journal going....

  3. Gratefulness is a good bandwagon to be on. You know I love the way this book stretched and grew this weary mommy.