Monday, May 23, 2011

When we are all together

Weekend Warrior.
Abby Sue's pinwheels.
Ben's music.
Love those curls!
Green grass!

Daddy is a weekend warrior. 12 hours after getting off an international flight, having worked non stop in four different countries, he still finds the energy to move irrigation lines for the new flower beds he dug out and in preparation for the new patio. (Hopefully going in this week if the rain lets up!)

Abby Sue is an artist. She found the design for making pinwheels in an old craft book. Doesn't she have a great eye for color!

Ben is a composer. He wrote this music completely on his own. We were amazed. He played it for us yesterday and it is simply beautiful.

Zibby is fun. Her polka dot dress, muck boots, and red tricycle were the perfect photo op.

European treasures from Daddy, including the "stroopkoeken" cookies from Holland, were a favorite. When you set the cookie on top of a hot cup of tea the caramel on the inside gets warm and gooey. Yum!

My tulips are almost done, but still glorious.

Sunday night dinner with our neighbors, The Carney's, has become a tradition, one that even an un-social girl like me is beginning to enjoy.


  1. sounds really fun! and love that blue polka dot dress!

  2. I love your family! And your green grass!