Thursday, May 19, 2011

Manny's Birthday

Manny is a 75 pound lovable chocolate lab. He is also Charlotte's best friend.

His owner is Ryan, our neighbor who lives just a short walk through the woods. Ryan is the only other person I know that loves animals as much as Abby Sue. The two of them have found a common bond and become true friends. Almost everyday after school I can count on Ryan and Manny coming over to go on an adventure with Abby Sue and Charlotte.

Aaron and I have had more than one conversation about our fourth grade daughter having an eighth grade boy for a friend. How very sad that we live in such an age in which we have to worry about adult issues concerning our innocent children. Both Abby Sue and Ryan are as childlike as they should be in regards to their ages. In fact Ryan might be one of the dearest boys I have ever met. He is the same age as both of Abby's oldest cousins, which might explain the ease she feels around him. Still, we have talked with Abby and discussed the guidelines that we expect her to follow when it comes to Ryan, or any friend for that matter. She understands.

So, today was Manny's birthday and we had to celebrate. Abby Sue pulled out her "Dog Bible" and found a recipe for homemade dog treats. Ryan loves to bake and was more than happy to come over and join in the fun.

While the kids made the treats, Manny & Charlotte tramped throughout the house. (Did I mention they were soaked from being outside in the rain?)

We had so much fun celebrating together....

but I will never own two dogs....that's just too much slobber for me.

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