Monday, May 2, 2011


About a month ago Abby Sue received a phone call from a friend at school inviting her to be a part of their dance routine for the upcoming talent show. You can imagine her surprise and excitement. This was the first time anyone had invited her to a be a part of anything at her new school. She was beaming for the rest of the week and chatted with me often about how thrilled she was to be included.

One and a half weeks before try outs the phone rings again. This time it was the parent who was choreographing the dance. "I'm not sure who told you that Abigail could have a part in the routine that our kids are doing but, there isn't any room for her. Sorry." click.

I was standing over dinner, asking God how in the world I was going to break the news to my little girl. I know that working though disappointment is an important part of childhood, but she had gone through so much already, couldn't He give her a break?

No, instead He gave her grace.

After gently explaining to her the situation and (both of us) shedding a few tears, my Abby Sue dries her eyes, lifts up her chin and says,

"That's okay. I'm sure they didn't mean to hurt my feelings. There must have been some mistake. I think I should do my balloon art instead. That's my real talent any way."

And so, this past Friday night she jumped out on that huge stage, in front of an auditorium full of parents and peers, and danced, smiled, twisted and created a balloon hat, a balloon wand, she pulled a balloon rabbit out of a magic box full of an assortment of many other balloon animals, all made with her own two beautiful hands.

It was unique. It was happy. It was incredible.

It was courageous.

"Mom, I think these balloon things really make people smile."

She's right of course...and it makes people (like me) cry.


  1. OK I dont have any words to express how amazing Abby is! Abby is a 3D picture of Christ, her actions are right in my face and challenge me to live out grace. The fact that she did a show with ballon art shows that there is only ONE Abby, and because she lives by her own rules and convictions, she will be admire by all. God has truly blessed us with special kids. The best compliment I got was from Barrett's principle, and I think these words could have been said about Abby too. He said he admires Barrett because he IS a character, yet he HAS character. Lets keep raising our Children to follow Jesus and not the crowd!
    I love you and again I dont have grand enough words to express what an awesome girl Abby is. Give her a giant hug from me, and tell her she is my hero.

  2. Dear Abby, You bless my heart continually with your living out of scripture in your life and sometimes without you even being aware of it. This gramma wants to tell you not only do you have the talent of balloon art, but you have so many other talents that you aren't even aware of yet and I'm sure that we are all just seeing the tip of the iceberg. Your ability to forgive others humbles me. Love Gramma:-)

  3. That girl is a gem. I have tears in my eyes just thinking about the grace that she was able to show...what a girl.

  4. thank you so much for loving her as we do. all of your prayers and encouragement mean the world to her. xo

  5. What a sweet girl with a sweet heart. I love her:)