Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New School Days

Western Day
Fun at the Southwick Zoo
Peace Day
Wacky Wednesday
It has been "Spirit Week" at the kids new school and we have been so proud of them for jumping right in to the fun. Even Zibby enjoyed a day at the Southwick Zoo with Ben's class. The weather has been warm enough for strawberry picking with new friends and swimming. Almost everyday after school the kids run off into the woods and have adventures of their own until the sun goes down. Summer vacation is just around the corner! We are so thankful that the kids had the chance to meet a lot of friends before the end of the school year. We all feel much more connected with this wonderful community. (I can't tell you how many birthday party invitations are piled on the bulletin board already:)

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  1. Miss you guys! I can't wait to show these to Zellee! She is going to love seeing the kids~