Sunday, June 20, 2010

Eleven Years in the Making

We had the best time celebrating our eleventh anniversary yesterday with the kids. We took a trip to the city and did the touristy Boston Duck Tour. We were blessed with perfect weather, so when the truck became a boat and sailed out onto the Charles River we enjoyed the greatest views of our new favorite city.

Abigail took this picture of us together just before we all got on the truck/boat...I think we have a budding photographer:)


  1. You look so beautiful<3 I am glad you had a lovely day together as a family and are loving your new home. Miss you my sweet friend!

  2. Beautiful picture!! Do you know the book, Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloksey? It is one of our favorites. It is about a duck family who raises their ducklings in Boston along the Charles River.

  3. Thanks Erika:) I think love gets better with time...if we take the time for it:) Emily~ We LOVE that book too...and have visited the pond in Boston Common a few times but have yet to go on the swan boats:) Saving that for next visit!