Tuesday, November 3, 2009


The best parts of life for me lately have been when everyone is happy and enjoying each other for more than five minutes. That is when I feel like God has pushed the "pause" button and I can step back for just a moment, catch my breath and sigh with thanks. Being a wife and a mom is such a humbling job. If I don't choose to get on my knees in prayer, God has all sorts of ways of getting me there..(to tie shoes, cleaning up anything & everything that finds itself on the floor, looking for a lost blankie, wiping noses, washing little bodies, etc.) I have been overwhelmed with the fact that 4 lives depend so much on me. Sometimes I just want some peace and quiet..time to myself. The best part is knowing that my Maker knows my needs, my weaknesses, and all of the other junk that comes along with being me. When I trust Him to provide...(especially these days), a little reprieve, He so faithfully does.

Dear Jesus, for those who depend on me to take care of them I pray that they may find in my actions and words a peaceful dependence on You...so that I don't fail...I need You to be my Keeper. Amen.


  1. Amen... thanks Jen. I was thinking about you today and when I first met Vicky Bentley at a M&M lunch I think. I am going to set up a Rabuna Fi (God is here) Womens Sale through her ministry. We have been following FRM for years and I am so excited to help (got my packet today). Anyways, what a joy you have always been in my life! It is wonderful to read you blog! big hugs. :)

  2. Thanks Ju-Rita, I love reading your blog to and seeing all that God is doing in your lives! I'm so excited that you are going to host a Rabuna-Fi party..I miss Vicky and don't see here nearly enough...but God is using the ministry entrusted to both she and Wes in incredible ways! I would love to come to your party if you have room for me. I've never been to one and would really like to host one in the future. Love you!