Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"Book Talk"

Today in Abby Sue's class each student (3rd-5th grade) had to give a 5-8 minute speech that they composed on an animal of their choice. Abby has been working on her report, about Kittens, for 2 weeks and asked me today if I could bring Marshmallow to school for her speech. Mrs Potter, her teacher, also thought that would be a fun idea. So...I had the opportunity today to watch my daughter give her "Book Talk". I think it might have been one of the most hilarious reports I have ever heard! I have to say I struggled to compose myself, tears streaming down my face (and Mrs. Potters), but at the same time I was beaming with pride over my creative, confident, brilliant little girl.

This is a copy of her "Book Talk"..word for word


I first want to start with how cats are born. Now, first of all, what dose the female cat do? (Here she asked the class to raise their hands if they knew the answer! One boy said, "They get married?" and Abby agrees!) Right! They mate with a male cat. The male cat has to chase away a lot of other males before the female has kittens. Now! I have a special gest today, and her name is Marshmelo. Now she is not coming up because she is taking a cat nap. So, on the count of three, I want you guys to say, "Wake up Marshmelo!" (The class responds and up pops our kitten snuggled in Abby's arms.) Now, she is going to tell us how she was born. (This is when Abby starts actually asking the kitten a question and then has Marshmallow answer it in a kind of kitten voice!) Now, tell us Marshmelo. How was it like to be born? "Well, it felt good and wonderful!" Can you give us some facts about it? "Shure. Now, I could not see. I could hear, but not very well. But in two weeks, my eyes were open, so I can finaly know were I'm going. I could hear better too." Well, that is great Marshmelo! Lets all give Marshmelo a round of aplose. (Here, she puts the kitten down to roam around the classroom, much to the joy of every student, then continues) Now, as I was saying, kittens play with there mother's tail. This is when they are four weeks old. Kittens love to play with things that move. The kittens are still nursing, but they are also starting to eat solid food. Sometimes, kittens play fight, but it dosen't hurt. When kittens see a frog, they get themselves bigger by puffing themselves up. Here comes little Marshmelo! Now, watch her how she plays. Isint that cute! Kittens love to play. Feel her soft fur. Did you know that when they are ten weeks old, they are very curious? They love to climb trees. Climbing up was easy, but it will be harder to climb down. Kittens and cats almost always land on thier feet. This is because they can turn around in the air. Soon, they are about a year old! The life cicle of a cat was very exiding. The circle of life goes around and around. Now you know how kittens turn into a grown up cat. Thank you! (She ends with making sure everyone had a chance to pet the kitten and has Marshmallow wave bye-bye.)

I pray that Abby Sue (who prefers to go by "Abigail" these days) continues to grow in her gifts of creativity, confidence, and communication. I know that God has a very special plan for this unique little girl! I love her to bits!


  1. oh i how i love "abigail", her imagination is so incredible!

  2. Looks like Abigail and Marshmelo are best friends.So cute and such an informative report.
    Please tell her I learned a lot!