Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Here is something that I made recently. It's the first one I have done to keep. I have made others for friends, especially new babies. I came across this print of a Van Gogh sketch. I love nests and eggs. They represent home, family, and faith to me on so many levels. For this, I used the Van Gogh print and adorned his rendering of an empty nest to one full of 3 little blue speckled eggs. On the right I wrote our children's names and birthdate. On the upper left is a heart that holds our initials, A & J, and our wedding date. On the bottom I wrote my favorite scripture about entrusting our homes to the care of Christ found in Psalm 84:3. I like how it turned out and hope to make more for family and friends in the future. I put mine in the middle of a wreath in our living room just above my "quiet time" chair.


  1. It's beautiful! Did you actually paint the bird nest on there?? Lovely!

  2. Oh..no, no, I wish I had! I made a print of the Van Gogh sketch then decorated it with my own ideas...I wonder of that is legal? Oh well, it's a new way of looking at an old idea I guess. :)

  3. I suppose it is fine as long as you aren't selling them. But what do I know. Either way, love it:)

  4. I think that it is wonderful!
    I wish I had one!
    I was just in Van Gogh country, and I think that as long as you give tribute to him it's fine.
    I took oodles of monet pictures close up and am planning to use them.

  5. Wow! I love it and I also love nests and all they represent. You are talented! Can't believe you'll be moving to Boston... We'll sure miss your sweet family and Mira will really miss Abby Sue. Wish we cold buy your house. It is so perfect!