Friday, October 9, 2009

Momma's Dress

Before Zibby was born my grandma gave me a few dresses that were once hers, her mothers, and one that my mom wore when she as a toddler. Zibby has always called my mom, "Momma". The other day she saw Momma's sweet little red polka dotted dress hanging in her closet and said..."I wear dis one!" I almost objected and then thought to myself, "Hey, why not, it's now or never with the rate she's growing." I'm so glad I put it on fit just right. She toddled around in it all morning, smiling, and twirling. I even took her to the grocery store in it. An older woman commented, "Oh, look, a little girl dressed up like a little girl!" I think I knew what she meant. As I watched Zibby running up and down the aisles I could imagine my mom wearing the same dress all those years ago, following my grandma along, looking like a "little girl" too. I guess there's just something about a little girl in a pretty just fits.