Monday, October 19, 2009

A little bit of life...

Last night after we tucked Zibby in we noticed she was holding a Barbie very close to her heart, making sure the barbie could peek just out of the covers, she snuggled the doll and said, "Zibby pray." This was her prayer: "Tank yoo geezus for dis wunerfool, wunerfool Baarbee, in geezus name..Amen!"

Life is so sweet in the little things.

Aaron giving Benji a haircut on the back porch.

Abby Sue and her friend Abbi Eckelman (who Zibby just calls "Eckelman") making their own Apple Cider stand on a Sunday afternoon to raise money for the kids at the mission in Mexico who need glasses.

Memories that make you feel truly alive.

Tank Yoo Geezus!

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