Friday, June 5, 2009


...My big plan was to keep up on our blog about our travels through Europe but access to wi-fi was limited as was the amount of time we had to sit down and spend time on the computer. Then I thought to myself, "Hey...this your vacation, relax, soak it all in. You have enough things pulling you in a hundred different directions at home. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself!" 
What I did end up doing was using good old fashioned pen and paper (Mom & Dad gave us the coolest journal before we left!) and recorded favorite places and memories along the way. Looking back on our time I realize how adored I am by my husband. None of us is perfect, but he looks at me as if I am. His love makes me want bless him and to be a better wife. Kinda reminds me of the love of Christ...I guess that is probably the reason why God came up with marriage in the first place, to reveal to our hearts little glimpses of His love.
The moment our plane landed on the runway, Aaron's phone was buzzing away with business voice mails and messages. While he was on the phone, I was also busy, mentally making "to-do" lists and getting ready for the responsibilities waiting for me ahead. As we drove through the beautiful Oregon countryside I could feel my heart beginning to beat with a familiar excitement. Home....Our little cottage on Pine street filled to the rim with everything most precious to me. Nothing on this earth, no matter how famed or brilliant, could ever hold a candle to what Aaron and I have together at home...Abby Sue, with her infectious laugh, Benji and his quiet smile, and Zibby, to darling for words. 
So, after a few days of getting back into the swing of things (kindergarten graduation, birthday parties, t-ball games, homework, cleaning, more cleaning, did I mention cleaning?) I look back on our time and smile. Thankful for the adventure and the memories but content to hang up my "Indiana Jenn" hat and tie my apron back on...(at least for now!)

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  1. I LOVE your backyard. Every time I see pictures of it, I swoon.