Wednesday, January 6, 2016

worth the time

I'm always looking for good books, music, and movies. Our time is precious and any free time is a treasure so I would rather not waste it on crap. There is so much junk out there when it comes to media in general but the ones noted below were well worth the time. Trying to redeem the time is not easy these days...especially with so many time suckers to choose from! These were worth it. And instead of sucking away my time they gave me so much in return; lessons that have enriched my life. 

"Beautiful Boy" by David Sheff

This book was very hard to read but incredibly powerful. It is written by the father of drug and alcohol addict. If you or someone that is close to your heart has walked through the darkness of addiction I highly recommend this book. It is not written from a "Christian" perspective but it spoke volumes to me of the love of a father for his child. It also set my heart very free in terms of loving and struggling to heal if you have experienced addiction from the outside looking in. It shed light on the mind of an addict and the reasoning behind many behaviors that are not only self destructive but detrimental to their loved ones. It took me some time to get through it because it really is heart wrenching but well worth the effort. I give this book two thumbs up and will be sharing it with our kids when they are older. 

"Floodplain" by Sara Groves 
"The Burning Edge of Dawn" by Andrew Peterson 

Lyrically brilliant and musically layered these albums have some true insight when it comes to love, life, and our faith. I have been texting the songs to many friends in hopes that they would lift up their souls as they have mine. Another double thumbs up! 

"On the Way to School" 

A documentary that follows the humbling and inspiring lengths it takes for some children to receive an education. I watched this film with Zibby just last night, (it's free on Netflix), and both of us were speechless by the end of it and even started it over so that Daddy could watch it with us. I would highly recommend this movie if you would like to get a little insight on how blessed we are to have so much knowledge readily available to our families within our homes and in our schools. 

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