Saturday, May 19, 2012

"Who told you...?"

You remember the story, back in the garden, Adam & Eve tried to sew some fig leaves together to cover their nakedness.
Take a few steps back before the whole forbidden fruit fiasco and we learn that this man and woman lived naked together before God and every living thing without any issues. 
So why the big deal now? 
What changed their minds...or for that matter, what opened their eyes? 
The knowledge these perfect humans possessed before the fruit was of complete good know and understand all that is good and right and holy and pure
without a shadow of doubt, fear, pride, envy, despair, or skepticism.
Why would God plant a tree like that in a garden called perfect?
(To ensure a love that comes from choice.)
Now, back to those fig leaves...
Imagine these two, hiding from God...and attempting to hide the something that used to be nothing,
because now they know more than good
they've gained knowledge alright...
but they aren't proud of it. 
So, God "finds" them on one of His evening strolls. 
Heart Broken Good Creator asks,
"...who told you that you were naked?"
We know who...we recognize that accusing whisper...the same one who tells us we are exposed and can't measure up...
in our looks, in our work, in our relationships, he still slithers and whispers,
"you're naked."

We've been listening to the wrong voice for a while.
We anxiously attempt to retrofit some kind of "covering",
but with all of our effort, we still feel exposed.

We cannot brave the elements of good and evil on our own.
Neither could Adam & Eve.
So, God took care of it.
He made a temporary covering for them.
Then His Son became the eternal covering us.

Sometimes our kids don't turn out the way the world says they should.
And sometimes we let the world tell us that we should be worried if they're not.
From standardized tests to the little league field we watch our perfect babies attempt to "measure up". 
We puff up with pride when they are succeed...we worry when they struggle...and want to cover them up.
Who told us they were naked?

When it comes to our kids, we need to make sure that we aren't trying to "sew fig leaves together" for their inherited lack of perfect.

We need to let their Creator do the covering.

AbbySue, Ben, & Zibby, your mommy and daddy are not perfect. We make so many mistakes. But one thing we want you to never doubt....each of you are wonderfully made. We adore every bit about you. Be who God made you. Do everything for Him with your whole heart. Be love. Don't listen to them. 

Listen to Him. 
Let Him cover you.
He is your biggest fan. 
The perfecter and finisher of your faith.

little ones

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