Thursday, April 5, 2012

I never thought I'd say...

There is a large bird living in my laundry room.

She was the only one of five pullets (teenage chickens) that survived real life on the acre.

We are new at this and I take the blame for their untimely death.

Now I know the difference between 1/4 and 3/4 size farm wire fence. (Thank you crusty Silverton farmer at Wilco.)

I also know that raccoons can seek and destroy.

And I know that "Speckle" is a survivor.

We never saw one tail feather of those four birds...

but we did find Speckle...cowering under a bush, battered and bruised...but alive.

Speckle, always the friendly one, cooed her way into AbbySue's arms and back to the laundry room.

Poor bird was shell shocked and lonely, so Ben brought down a fuzzy dinosaur to keep her company. "It was the only thing that I could find closest to her size and shape mom."

Speckle cozied up near that stuffed animal and recuperated.

A few days later I surprised everyone when I brought home three new baby chicks.

Heck, I even surprised myself.

You know that whole..."try, try again" thing?

So, I gave it a go.

Now Speckle is the size of a falcon but thinks she's a mother. She fusses over those chicks like a an anxious Hen.

All of this drama unfolds in my laundry room.

Speckle has gained her strength and the use of her leg. Even friendlier than ever before, she perches on the slop sink watching me change loads and sort socks.

She waits for a hand to stroke her charcoal feathers and flies down to the pink princess pool filled with bedding, bird crap, and her fluffy brood.

I never thought I'd say that this is "Okay."


  1. I would love to live in your laundry room with your family loving on me too!

  2. Jenn, We have had many sad days over chicks who didn't make it. The lessons learned on this farm are well worth the tears. I am so proud of my boys for the hearts they have for the simple things in life. But I still find it hard to handle the tear stained faces of my babies when something on the farm dies. Praying for your new flock! I know the 'work' it takes to keep them in good health. Praying for your babies too! :0)

  3. what I precious little story!! yay for Speckles!!!
    we are talking more often than not coming to see you!
    you might just see us show up at church soon. we have not went to church with mike and lyn for ages. it is about time.
    have a great week jen!