Wednesday, April 4, 2012

happy to be "living with it..."

One thing that will never change...the original french doors with amethyst glass knobs...beautiful character.
Sometimes we just start tearing down wallpaper...this blue gingham made us seasick.
Trying to brighten up the fireside I blew the dust off the sewing machine and made a few new slipcovers.
The coffee table was one of a few very dark pieces that came along with The Old House. Never underestimate the power of spray paint....80's coffee table transformed to white with a little distressing....just to fit in with all that is weathered and worn. Favorite color combination for the fireside, white, blue, & mustard yellow.

Sometimes I walk through The Old House and think to myself, "What have we gotten ourselves into?" There are days when I can only see endless projects. The peeling wallpaper, the outdated light fixtures, the blue Formica, the checkered linoleum, the variety of doorknobs, the royal blue trim, etc. We know that under it all The Old House is a gem. Even for all her lack of style she has character and character can't be bought, it's made. Time creates character and for what she's lacking in style she has more than made up for with personality. Aaron and I have decided that the renovations we make will not break the bank. There are more important things in life. So, updating over a century of style will take time, frugality, contentment, and my favorite...creativity.

Here are a few updates so far!


  1. ohhh i am loving the updated fireside! I love how paint can transform, one of the few crafty things i do know how to do! :)

  2. Love the updates! We had a similar project-house in MI. Amazing what paint will do! You can paint those blue countertops to look like granite. :) I did it with cheap $1 craft paint in four colors. I ended it with polyeurethane and presto-changeo...people thought it was granite. :) It needed a new coat of poly every year but it held up REALLY well.