Sunday, June 5, 2011

When babies turn four

Did you know that Aaron was the first person to touch Zibby? He pulled her out. He caught her. He looked at her. He smiled. Then he put her slippery little body on my chest. (I will love Dr. Sarah for the rest of my life for letting Aaron deliver our baby girl!)

That was four years ago yesterday.

Elizabeth Jane loves her Daddy. She talks about him throughout the day. She stands on the stairs blowing kisses to him every morning as he goes away to work, she makes pictures for him at school, she welcomes him with open arms when he gets home. In her world the sun rises and sets on her one and only Daddy.

So, when I read about our little friend Claire, and her pancake birthday party a few weeks ago, I knew right away what we would do to celebrate Zibby's special day.

Zibby's Daddy is religious about his Saturday morning pancakes. The kids count on it. How perfect that this birthday fell on a Saturday!

We invited all of her new friends to join us (in their p.j.'s of course) for a pancake breakfast in honor of our big girl.

Daddy was convinced that Zibby's pancakes had to be pink. He had been looking forward to this birthday party all week and was beyond adorable flippin' flapjacks with pride in his red apron & armed with "The Mantula".

I love being a mom. I mean, I really love it. But, one thing I have learned and believe with all of my (sensitive) heart is that, to be the best mom you must grow thick skin.

Because those babies you love and put all of your heart and soul into caring for will grow up, and before you realize it, they are needing you less and less. They need to know without a doubt that their parents are willing to let them grow, make mistakes, and let them suffer the consequences all for the very best interest of the child.

The thick skin makes them feel secure emotionally, because they realize that no matter how much they change, your love remains.

I'm obviously still wrestling with this whole "growing up" issue.

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  1. Thick skin is very important when one has a 5 year old who routinely says "why do I have to do everything?" or my personal fave.."you're not my mom anymore." OUCH.

    We pour our hearts into theirs and they break ours a little. Love you, friend.